Reviews for "Dog Kombat"


That was a really really funny movie.Seeing 2 dogs fighting, you won't see that every day.HEHE.

Really dumb but had pottential

Sometimes movies are so dumb they make you laugh and that's this one's case. But it's too short which, it having a sequel or not, shows you had no clue of what to do with your idea. If it had lasted a few minutes while keeping up it's innovation, it could have been a ten.


At least it was amusing to see two dogs fight(ever if it is not really true that the dogs fight in the movie.)

not so bad

I thought it was gonna be crap, but I liked it!

*_* KKL

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I love it...HA HA HA

This is pretty dang funny, I think you should definately keep it up bro. Oh and where did you get that MK music? I want it.