Short Film Collection #1

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i seriously have no idea. This thing is retarded. I was under the influence during its entire 2 day production.

Apparently its main aspect is the graphics, check them out if you like drawings.



This was utter crap, sorry but it had no plot, made no sence, and was very wanna be funny...

BradleyGayness responds:

how can you tell the difference between wanna be funny and completely serious? this was obviously a piece reflecting the struggle of the yellow turbans against their overbearing government, and if you couldn't catch that, maybe you should hit the books a little harder.....with your face.

whats the point

i just didnt lime it

BradleyGayness responds:

you really should've, it usually responds well to citrus.

Yup its good

I like it, nice graphics and a nice style i sure want more of this, its so simple and deep that even my complex mind can not follow it when im that stupid

BradleyGayness responds:

my hard drive blew up. i now have half of an animation on my computer. and now the tears are burning my eyes.

it's beautifull

i love it the animation, the symbolism, the stark realism,... he was on drugs? Damnit!

BradleyGayness responds:

welp the new one is gonna make up for the lack of drugs, its kind of hard to get trashed on 2 different kinds of probation....soon, very soon.

leave it to beaver

keep makin them you got the drugs for it ;)

Leetnet Admin

BradleyGayness responds:

yeah, i got another one in the works thats like 40 times more pointless, so uhhh...grand. thanks

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2.60 / 5.00

May 26, 2003
1:02 AM EDT
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