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The VG Tourney-Round 3!

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Round 3 is finally done. This time around its Black Mage and Pikachu. I've added some interesting background features and stuff such as making the clouds move, black mage blinking, sound effects for the punches, ect. And if your going to review, dont say 'U SUX, U USE SPRITES!!' Because 1. There are quite a few sprite movies in the top 50, and 2. I can't draw character art. I think you'd much rather see a sprite than a deformed black mage wannabe thing. Also, I may have a scene selector up by round 4, I'm learning some actionscript. :P Anyway... I hope you enjoy.

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While Pikachu getting owned is nice...

...Black Mage used no magic at all. His name IS Black Mage, right? So, instead of throwing his knife... why not just have him Hadoken the little bastard and fry him on the spot after toying with him a little? Just a thought...

Every fighting sprite flash maker

This is how a good flash should be........


what the hell was that? did you crap out your brain and forget BM's a spell caster? you could have vaporised hat thing, any way it wasen't that bad I just babble

triple meh

Ugh, it's an insult for Eggman, Final Fantasy, Pokémon(I don't mind) AND Tails. Since when is a hand-drew background an improvement? AND SINCE WHEN DOES A MAGICIAN FROM FINAL FANTASY USE A SWORD?! Ass. You make me watch all of your crappy entries, cuz once I see the first I gotta see the last!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well... At least this can't HONESTLY get ANY worse.


poor pikachu, getting stabbed. I'd like a see a pokemon win for once. Oh well, it was okay and kept me watching. And since when does a black mage use a sword?

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3.27 / 5.00

May 25, 2003
10:55 PM EDT