Atheist Vs God

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Okay, this is my first attempt at a flash move, I've done websites and crap, but never an animation.

I'll admit, I got a bit bored about 70% of the way through making this and rushed it, it probably needs a few extra days...

And, I'm not stupid, despite the name, the fact an atheist tries to kill god is meant to be ironic...


wow... -.-

I really loved the sfx... All the shots and the sword and... wait, where are the music? cmon... and like mimzy13 said, how can an atheist kill a god if we dont believe in it?

Funny Video, But video's like this cause to much..

@SgtSkittles - Racist? This has nothing to do with race, do you mean blasphemous?

@Mimzy13 - My thoughts Exactly.

@Aserg - Nice copy and paste, for the record you are an idiot.


eh anamations good but u shouldnt put peple and the way they r on submissons its not right im not athiest so dont any funnie ideas well persnally i think ur racist

Lol, great flash :)

How can an Atheist kill God if they don't believe in God???

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It was alright, I think it needed more sound effects personally. I'm not really atheist. I don't believe in god, but I don't go by science either. I don't give a crap how we were all made, I just know im alive now and will be dead later.

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May 23, 2003
5:49 PM EDT
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