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AB: Spindle

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***Thanks for the stint on the front page! Spindle 2? I'm working on it! (Proof that I am? www.deadhounds.com/spindlehell.html)***

***Keep in mind! This is only the first chapter, there are some things I'm holding back for later. Also remember, it's a game. And games are boring if they're too easy, i.e., if your guns were more powerful. If you want more powerful guns, buy the real thing and shoot your computer with them.***

***This game will probably lag on any comp running less that 500MHz. My sincerest apologies, the only point of reference I had when I wrote the code was my own computer.***

***Any storyline trouble? Complete all the fighting screens, then go back and revisit all the still screens, and keep trying things. For help getting past the bearded guy with the gun, look below for tip.***

This is the first chapter in the odyssey that is Spindle. Enjoy!

Game Modes

1. [Play] - Make sure you visit the options screen first! There you can change the number and difficulty of enemies, and other options included for your convenience.

2. [Practice](in the minigames menu) - Warm up your fighting skills, and learn the combos you'll need to beat the game. Use the enemy selector to pick your opponents.

3. [Molotov Maelstrom](in the minigames menu) - Yeah, this was probably a bad idea... but sometimes, it doesn't matter how you waste your time. Run around amidst a hail of molotov cocktails. Hit 1000 and get a prize.


[Arrows] - MOVE: Dig those crazy legs.

[A] - GUNS: Do not rely on your guns to get you through this game! If they were as powerful as you'd expect a pair of pistols to be, the game would be boring. They are most functional as part of the combos

[S] - FIGHT: This is your most powerful attack, as you can string together devastating combos. Remember, you can only hit one enemy at a time, so watch your back!

[D] - JUMP: You can kick or shoot while in the air.

[Up & A] - BACK N FORTH: Two way gunnin'. Shoot at the guy in front of you, take the guy behind you off his feet.

[Down & A] - HINDSIGHT IS 20/20: Reverse pistol whip. Throw it in the middle of a combo to take out guys sneaking up behind you while you're laying the whoopass on some thug.

[Combos] - Usually follow the pattern S,S,S,A,A,A followed by a few more button mashes. You have to be quick to keep the combo rolling. Some combos will take the enemies' head off if his HP is below 40-50%. Check out the practice minigame for more combos/controls.

***SPOILER: sort've... to get past the guy with the gun, you have to eliminate him. You do this from the apartment (the room with the posters in it). Once you do find him, be patient (wait till he stops).***

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At first, I wasn't that interested in this game. It seemed like it was just a game where you chose different things to ask like a dating sim. It's so awesome it turned out to be more than that. I was really impressed by the artwork in this. I thought that it was inspired by David Firth at first. I then realized he came after this so maybe HE was influenced by this?

The music was also great and very soothing. It's so fun to beat up and/or shoot those guys over and over. I'm glad I figured out you just have to keep your finger on the button to shoot. It's fun to watch them slowly die through being shot, especially. It's just a very ambitious game.

I played this game as a child, and enjoyed it. Now, almost ten years later, it has stood the test of time as a flash game. It's cheesy to say that, sure-- it's just a ten minute episode, it's only been ten years, yada yada. I don't care. It's nostalgia.

A good blend of brawling, rpg-style trading sequences (not "trading" per se, who cares), and storytelling. The dialogue is fresh.

It's a shame this game didn't have sequels. Thanks for the contribution, AngryBinary.

unskippable cutscences make it a terrible game


this game is not good man its bad


good game but it's impossible to win, isn't there a way to atleast get more lives? maybe every 3 kills you get one live? it's impossible to win this game unless you cheat or if you are lucky
it would have been a good game if the lives could be atleast increase each stage you go to.
anyways good game

Credits & Info

4.13 / 5.00

May 23, 2003
7:16 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature May 24, 2003
  • Weekly 3rd Place May 28, 2003