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i progged this game for our show that we host here in our town and as reason for the fact that the United Nations like always will have to clean up the mess that war lefts. you will have to turn on your loudspeakers, to hear the "ping" sound of the mine, as soon as you get near to it.


Unclear instructions

The instructions are vague, it doesn't tell you how to play and unearth the mines, it just tells you about the plot. I had to press random buttons because I didn't know what I was doing. Some typos bugged me too.

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First off, How old ar eu like 3 you spelled most of the words in the briefing wrong, not like making it shoter, secondly THIS GAME SUCKED!

Well meaning social critique, but lacking clarity

Although I appreciate your message that landmines are a problem and are the result of wars, you blaming the US for this is illogical and unjusitified. The US has not used landmines against civilians in any recent war, and although enemies of the US have used landmines against us, I don't feel that the rationale for faulting this on US hegemony is lacking if not nonexistant. As well, the intrests on the UN are largely dominated by US hegemonic intrests, so potraying them as opposed to the US is highly inaccurate.

As far as landmines go, you refrain from mentioning any nations or wars, and thus your entire project comes off as an idealistic and vague rant against an intangible antagonist.


good message, but rather boring game.

Not bad!

This simply isnt my style of flash game, unforunately for you... but it is still a good game none the less!
I thought that the game was decent enough, I guess... but I thought that it was unclear of what exactly what to do at times! It was rather confusing to tell the truth...
Though the graphics and sound were a bit below average, that wasnt the main feature... So I guess that this was a fair enough effort to achieve basic average marks.
Nice job on that!

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2.68 / 5.00

May 21, 2003
9:48 AM EDT
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