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An evil robot has kidnapped Little Rocketman's girl. Help him on his quest to save her!!!

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Welp. I finally beat the demo. It took me 17 years, but I finally did it.

Quite a bit of fun!

At first I was a tad disappointed because I didn't like it how there was no background. Then, I had a much more fun time playing because of when I got the hang of it. It always helps when you play a game better. What's cool is how you get a red dot to signify what your last launch was, so you realize what you did wrong the first time. It's also cool to have a representation of yourself when you replay parts of the level. The sounds are nice too.

I couldn't help but think of William Shatner when I heard the phrase "Rocketman". The graphics are nicely done in this. Man, what happened to the days when you guys submitted stuff here all the time? It's hard to believe you have fewer than 100 submissions here. At least we can always enjoy the old stuff!

how to get the full version

how to get the full version


This is from miniclip, i aint flamin ya for it, but why?
(and yes im not expecting an answer)

#1 Game

this is great!!!!!!!!!!!! u need angles n stuff 4 this game.