Al Roker's Haunted House

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You are about to enter a world where nothing is as it seems, a world where fantasy can be reality, refrigerators can swallow you whole, and everything is animated really poorly. Well, it was my first Flash project, and I did it for school, so it's nothing impressive. Don't expect great graphics or sound or you'll be sorely disappointed... also, don't let dying over and over get you down. It's the game's quirky sense of humor and uniqueness that made it a semi-success and kept it from getting blammed back when it was submitted. However, production of the sequel, which will retain the oddball antics and add actual substance to the game, will begin very very soon. Probably around Christmas. Oh, and it'll have sound too. In the meantime, enjoy this little slice.

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revolutionary game that redefines the horror genre and flips it on it's head

my favorite

al rocker is awesome and funny i like his show alot

Wow, interesting

I like how you can get so many different endings, this would be a haunted house you can find in your dreams at night! Even though the plot doen't make sense.

Nice! Also I like the music at the title screen!

need help?

I can tell u mo$t hellp 4 thi$ game

Its horrible!

Graphics NEED to be fixed, and way too easy! Heres a walkthrough: flush the toilet. DONE! Sorry for my critics, but this needs improvement, make it more lengthy, and clean up the graphics, add a better plot, and try to do a neater job from now on.

phatjew responds:

why would you spoil it for everyone

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3.05 / 5.00

May 19, 2003
5:31 PM EDT
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