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JIM's Halloween

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Is Halloween, and Jim will scare his girlfriend, but something will be wrong.
Very funny! Look!

My english isn't so good, I'm Brazilian.

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Whoah...what a gritty twist!


dude, this was great, i dont know what that guys problem was with the "your insulting foamy" crap. has nothing to do with foamy..god the idiots these days. EVERYONES A CRITIC!

You peice of shit Splatterman

HOW DARE U INSULT FOAMY U COPYING SOB U KNOW FOAMY SAYS YOUR LORD AND MASTER FOAMY anyways other than that prick no hard feelings since i like futarama but anyways ya it was ok i hated it but i always give good votes

eh nothing too new for me

Well hanging is a scary way too go,but Ive seen plenty real ones befor and this wasnt too funny too me,it was alittle of a cheap laugh at the end where he slips and really gets hung,that was funny....but all in all it wasnt hilarious....better luck nice time..
" Tie that Knoose,round and round,soon your feet wont touch the ground "

Your lord and master
Bender the robot


everything was perfect, you should make a start button though... other than that, it was awesome