my life as a teen bannana

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This is my life as a teenage bannana, it is a sad drama story, and it took me a while to make so please rate fair, the music is SUPPOSED to be sad, dont rate it bad because you dont like the music just turn down your speakers, please leave a review of what you thought!

update:i just wanted to say this is the first flash i ever made, it was made in an hour or so which is why its sloppy. I lost the original version so on this website is all i have to remember it. Thx for the positive reviews :)


Mildly Good

The art was average, the same goes for the animation. The plot was pretty good but weird and the text had some typos and errors. and the fact that in one scene(where the mom made me do drugs), the text was blocked by the mom's hair due to the fact that they're the same color. This flash needs a larger variety of color.
I found the music pretty good and the movie pretty funny. Good work.

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you have talent...

This is funny. because of the banana
actually you have some talent for parodies.

Funny Yet DUMB

This was sad. I mean, sad as in PATHETIC. I thought that it was funny. I laughed the whole way through. But, seriously, kiddy, I bet that you just picked up a "Flash Animation for Dummies!" book and read from there. This looked awful, the music was repetitive, and it looked SO FAKE! Maybe you should actually LEARN how to animate things and get GOOD MUSIC before you do this. Okay, boyo? I hope that my review didn't make you CWY!

This Was Dumb As Hell!

Get rid of this peice of shit please

What the HELL?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

What a piece of crap!!!!! U could have made it way betr, or could u?

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2.55 / 5.00

May 18, 2003
7:04 AM EDT
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