Star Quest: Preview

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Preview of my upcoming game: Star Quest. Well... not really a PROPER preview i guess, this is just the first tiny bit of the intro. Some of the anime later on is a bit better, and there is plenty of varied and fun interactivity.


What is it?

What is this?all you showed us was some guys with guns, a torpedo being installed, and another guy smiling. So why would this get me excited about a game that i know nothing about?Maybe if it showed a bit of the story or something... but there isnt really much here.

Nothing special

too much stuff like this already, break the mold man.

Needs voices

Voices instead of text would improve on this. I like the subtle humor you put in though, like the soldier with his tongue hanging out. This game shows promise.

A project worth working on...

Since you put allot of effort into this flash, it's worth waiting for you to release a better version once you've been able to brush up on your art skills & add some voice instead of dialog boxes. I gave you a 5 for over all effort since it's an unfinished project & has very little sound.

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3.20 / 5.00

May 17, 2003
1:47 PM EDT
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