M&M:parody crossover

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M&M: Parody Crossover, has some scenes from poltergeist, ghostbusters, and some more crazy stuff... it has 2 endings, wich you decide what to do, save him or use the ectoguns, you can also see a special appearance by ecto 1. (the car from ghostbusters.)

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that was kinda weird.

((( COOL STUFF )))

Ha that was great really nice art and characters even the ghostbusters and mm guys, seemed abit laggy, the pope this was also funny, just seemed to run slow, yet i still enjoyed this horrific story of ghosts and candy, kinda heh, no it was cool, keep up the good flash works...


Who you gonna call? M&M'S!!!!! LOL

This was funny stuff! The graphics were pretty good.


I love when the ghost and the Pope parodied the WHASSUP commercials. That was funny. Also, it was unexpected and funny when, after the possessed girl puked on the Pope, he puked right back on her. What made it great, though, was the build up. The Pope just sat there for a few moments with that look on his face before even responding. I would have liked to hear the Ghostbusters theme play for longer than that though. Great movie. I'd love to see it be longer, though. Perhaps more interaction. Maybe actually let you zap and trap the ghost.

That said, I love The Ghostbusters. Both are among my favorite movies. I also happen to love the M&M commercials, so I really love this little cross-over/parody. Keep up the good work.

Well u were right

I did like this more then the VS:XBOX link/bill gates 1.Ok well my reviews r always 2 help u so here is a couple polish ups u need.Try using a movie that would be easier to make fun of like Texas Chainsaw Massacre becuase when things r easy and r good then u got nuthin 2 lose.I still love the poltergeist stuff so add onto that if u want.Also get a couple more sounds to use.Ill send u a sound file of me pukin myself if u want.
j/k dun worry otherwise keep up the kick ass work ur not on my fav authors list por nada

PS:Can't wait till part 2 and the full Gamura and if I known u a year ealier I woulda went over 2 see u cuz Im from Oaxaca.Frgt which part though :S

Not bad!

A bit short, but a hilarious idea!

When's part 2?


trabucles responds:

Im working on it, this one tooks me 6 hours in 2 days, i would like to make part two larger and better...

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May 17, 2003
1:23 AM EDT
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