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CYOAA stands for "Choose your own adventure adventure!" Consequently there is MUCH reading involved. However my Flash program broke down and can't fix the massive grammer errors, add in background music or get a new interface like I want.

1. Ever read Goosebumps "You choose the scare!" kinda things? You remember those books I bet. Well this is kinda the same thing. Which mean unfortunatly next to all of it is text. I added in a FEW pictures but they were quick and poorly drawn. I'm very sorry.
2. This game isn't too good, I know. But I WANT TO MAKE IT 100 TIMES MORE INTERESTING! I need your help. Tell me how to make it more interesting!
3. If this movie looks like it's going to be blammed, and you really want it to become better and for me to resubmit this, then E-mail me. (check profle) and my AIM will be on for a little.
4. You'd be surpised on how much effort I put into this. Try voting on how well I write along with game entertainment.


Not bad, needs a lot of work

The writing's pretty poor, and full of spelling mistakes. That must be fixed.

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Patricoo responds:

One day..... One day...

a game

people are so mean. hey im talking to you samhorsenel1. fuck you. suck my dick dumb ass! and if you think your so tough by being so tough on this guy, then fuck you. hope you read this, cause you suck mother =fucker. I liked the game better than you bitch!

Patricoo responds:

Why thank you! And I'm glad someone decided to respond to a hate review by hateing. Really, that means alot to me.

And no, it doesn't look like I'll ever make another.


its not the animation that sucks its the movie no humo, coolness,plot,sound,or music Anything there has to be a point to this shit

Patricoo responds:

Which is why I'm planning to make it better. I was given the suggestion of a new interface (which is a great idea) music I tried to add but had next but my flash broke down. (which I plan to fix at then of this summer)

Coolness is there. Did you even get to the end? If you endure the grammer errors there is much coolness. And the whole damn thing is a plot!

It has a point man. The point isn't very great, I know. But it does have one regaurdless.


Nice little game, it was pretty good. I hope you make another one like thi, but improve it with sound and some better pics. Other than that, it was fun!

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Patricoo responds:

Hey, a fair even review. When I actually get a flash program (because the one I had figured out it was a fake) I plan to make a better interface and some background music. As for pictures...I really don't know if I'll keep them. Sorry but it's not really ment for pictures. Thats why I went through it so crappy.

Honestly, I enjoyed that.

Years ago, I read those Goosebumps books, and I loved them. Playing this brought back memories. I don't care what some of the other reviewers say. This was a lot of fun. But, for the future, more pictures and sound would do you good.

Patricoo responds:

Right, it isn't like I haven't been working on that. Thanks for the great words of encoragement.

As soon as I get that program I'll have this updated. All this free time has gotten me a GREAT idea...hope it works. Plus I've written a cool movie that might work well with the sprites I got. (Odds are you've never seen these awesome sprites before.) In fact...I'm gonna continue my search now.

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2.41 / 5.00

May 16, 2003
8:42 PM EDT
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