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EA hero story (demo)

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it is important you read the first 4 things i mentioned.
#1.I know some of the characters look similar to sonic the hedghog this is because I learned to draw by reading sonic comics really I mean all I can draw are anime people , sonic characters and , cars
the story was made up about 7 years ago when i was 8 it is still the same but back then i had crappy characters so i used my characters from grade 5 so please don't complaine.
2 of the characters (snizzi AKA dev and vinchi ) I had help on making my friends gsave me concepts for the little dudes.
#2.If your computer is slow or being slow don't play this.
#3. There will be more soon the only reason I submited a demo is because my friends buged me for the last 33 days to submit it.
#4.please read the controls menu for tips if you keep on dying.
also there may be music in this i forgot to mention please tell me if i did in your review
#5.There should'nt be any glitchs (none that I saw anyways) but if you see one please report it in your review
#6.I hope you injoy this little demo



It was ok, considering that you used to draw alot of sonic crap. Plot...was ok..at best. But yeah its a good overall flash. good work.

Really kewl!

Wow! Really well drawn! maybe the interactiviti could be just a little bit better but it was really cool! Believe me when i say you have talent :) And don't be so hard on yourself, a lot of the sonic flashes i seen (i know this is only inspired on sonic but i found this by typing sonic in the search engine...) are really crapy!
Keep up da good work :D


demo demo my god billy if thats your real name dont make demos when its done then put them out thats a good idea.

Rember me you douche bag

your a douche bag April 15, 2003
Entry: Yoshi's Island(f3) Overall rating: 0
your dumb ok
who in the right freaking mind would make a 30 second cartoon about yoshi screawing a flower it might have been more funny if he smoked the flower got high and went to a party and got completely wasted
but no he had to screw the flower your a douche bag
a sick douche bag and you best not be making fun of canada i am canadian and we have awsome cheese
in fact im gona go eat some so hmph
inclosing you douchy douche bag
Graphics: 1 Sound: 0 Interactivity: 0 Style: 0 Violence: 0 Humor: 0

you stupid fagget you games so shit and you cant even draw you dumb fagget. ima vote 0 everyday till it gets blam....You dumb bitch

Dizimz responds:

gee you cant take criticizim well your being a jack ass anywho at least i drew something you canadian hating sickoh i dont usually hold grudges but one thing i can say is your cartoon was dumb and the only reason i called you a douche bag was because yoshi screwing a flower is sick i am sorry ok but one thing i must say that cartoon was gross

Dude....Well done

its a pleasure to see this kind of graphical programming in a flash environment.. Well done ,bravo...! And i am honored to have one of my tracks on your title screen, this really inspires me to continue pumping out the grooves..
Rock out brother...!

Dizimz responds:

hey that would be great! keep up the good work on your music and I'll probely use it

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3.44 / 5.00

May 15, 2003
8:28 PM EDT
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