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Ok, here's the run down on this movie.

I made this movie with no point in mind, no purpose, nothing. This movie is about nothing.

I made it in 15 minutes on my lunchbreak. All I did was take ramdom pictures with off an off the fly caption that makes absolutly no sense.

I said it was an artistic representation of my political views as a joke, and people took me serious. I got some heart filled reviews, people saying they will forever resist..... RESIST WHAT?

I thought it was hilarious when it stayed with a score above 3 out of 5. Ha Ha.
Watch it and see what you think.


Just hilarious,

I don't no whether I should be in a rally or laughing myself to death. Either way, I really thought this piece was funny. I was in hysterics when the Matthew Lesko and Bob Saget pictures came up. It was very good for something the was made in fifteen minutes. The narrator's voice fit in the piece perfectly, he sounded very cool. Overall, I enjoyed it. Keep up the great work!


this just backs up my opinion that newgrounds is going to shit

Hahaha, craped myself

Lol, some f*ckheads really took you serious? Man, thats funny. The movie sux, but the idea behind it is great dewd. I give you a 5 on it!!!


That was awesome and random as shit but it was one of the best things ive ever seen in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahahaha make more


Man,15 minutes for this,you must be real quick at making flashes,and it was good too!You could get to nr.1 uploader if you keep on like this!


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3.23 / 5.00

May 13, 2003
5:45 PM EDT
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