Wonderlick: Episode 4

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Find out what happend to Wonderlick and what's his fame and fortune treatment like...

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ok... nice bringing of all the other background characters..., i still like the story very much.., lol... keep it up

I preffered the background info to the movie...

I found the explanation of how wunderlick came about both amusing and imaginative. And the drawings were nice too.

However, I didn't feel the movie was as good.

Not much seemed to happen, and I didn't understand the significance of the stuff that did.

It's fair enough having episodic tales, but there needs to be a fair bit of plot in each one really...

However, maybe if I'd seen it from the start I'd have liked it more...

I'm off to watch this series from the beginning. :)

lazzy me

At some piont i will check out the rest of these...i found it funny.. i think most will not.

change the point

listen the idee is good but you need to change it it's good drawn and all but it is getting boring

These need to change

I'm having a hard time with these "wonder lick" toons. On one hand they are well drawn, some definate work has gone into them and you are apparently very dedicated to the series. On the other hand they are STUPID! Each episode is way too short to tell much of a stroy yet so incredibly pointless and dull that it's painful to sit through the whole thing. I've even tried watching them all back to back and it doesn't help. I guess a dancing retarded snoopy with a long tounge just doesn't get me moving in the morning, especially when it doesn't talk or really DO anything. And now theres a bus load of other pointless animals on thier way to "the city" greeaaaat. Can't wait to see how this pans out. I'm hoping for some more plot or action or SOMETHING so I don't have to vote low on the next one.

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2.54 / 5.00

May 13, 2003
11:57 AM EDT
Comedy - Original