Wonderlick: Episode 3

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Third Wonderlick episode. He is in the city now, where fame and fortune awaits him...

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so he just forgets about his love? oh well, shit happens, lol, what should happen next? im intrigued...

Not as great as #2

Largely because it was a bit more predictable and simply not as funny.

In #2, there was something new and amusing to see or take in pretty much every couple of seconds.

In this, there's one funny thing in the whole movie. (The dancing.)

It was different

the storyline can only really be described as different, although still quite amusing. the animation wasnt bad at all really and the concept of a wierd cross breed twin of snoopy thingy witha long tongue got my full marks for originality. the sound wasnt bad and also original, not just ripped off of kazaa or something. there was no point at all to the storyline tho and thats where i felt you slipped down on marks. oh by the way, very nice features at the begginning will help this flash to survival.

It Was Pretty Decent

The song got annoying, but I gave you a high score in the Sound area because I'm assuming you made that song yourself. If it wasn't yours than I'd give you a really low score for that.
Although the movie was involving, it seemed like the whole story made little sense, had no plot, or development. But I enjoyed the intro which familiarized us with Wonderlick and the other characters.
Work on developing plot and theme, you have a good story going without dialogue.


We need more Wonderlick!!

That was great!
And also pretty funny!
Especially when he started to dance. I laughed and laughed!!
Looking forward to next episode!

Credits & Info

3.79 / 5.00

May 12, 2003
10:37 AM EDT
Comedy - Original