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This cartoon is long let me tell you but those of you familiar with our work especially our comedies know we try hard to entertain. We have something in this cartoon for just about everyone. But please before the hate mail starts if we make fun of your favorite band it's just in good fun so let it go. If you’re the type who can't take a joke don't bother watching because you will get pissed and who wants that. Anyhow this cartoon makes fun of a show on MTV called trl, which is a show where people supposedly vote for what videos make the count down. But the system is rigged to help MTV make more money. Anyhow enough about that go Sit back relax and enjoy. Remember with over 10 parodies there should be something in there for everyone. Thanks for watching.

Ps to join our mailing list to know when upcoming cartoons will be out just visit our site and click the join newsletter button the front page.

Ina staff

One more thing if you like the preloader cartoon and want to watch the short ending to it vist our website to see it thanks.

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It was great to see all this stuff going on. The best music video had to be with Eminem and M&M's. It's a pretty obvious joke, but it works. The Peanuts one was great too. Yeah, we've all made fun of MTV at one point. Then again, we've also all made fun of Barney. The fake commercials were great too.

It shows how willing you are to detail everything. It was nice to see all those pop culture references. Your animation style is really nice too. I think I may have watched this at one point. I just now most of what the music videos were.

03 to 12 and its still good

its one of the most hilarious videos in early newgrounds history. i used to watch trl but i went away. this is a comedic tribute to what it was. no kid born after 99 will know about it. the videos a constant wave of random comedy and jokes. if you have a sense of humor at all you at least smile at one thing during this.

Great Video!

That Is A Cool Video Ever! The Opening Segment And The Commercials Are Awesome!

Great Music,Great Commercials,Fantastic Video

The music used for the videos were amazing.The commercials are hilarious.The video is long too so theres plenty to watch.10/10 Excellent Video

really nice piece of work :)

Maybe a bit too long... but still the good work i'm used to by you guys! too bad there aint any new vids by you lateley.... :(