How to steal off the net

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don't assume i encourage stealing, because i don't. i gave CREDIT to the sites i took screen captures from...and that was only screen captures. i'm kinda bad at instructions....so you might kinda get lost. people who know HTML will know what i'm talking about...it'll be rteview for them. for others, learn now!


Nothing to new or interesting

Mehhh it just shows how to save a image if it's protected and flashes and stuff like that, that i already knew


you should have put an audio recording of yourself reading the instructions, cause it is kind of boring, but then again I'm not too interested in html.

Regarding the other reviewer that said this shouldn't be on here: personaly I don't agree with you because it clearly says that he doesn't condone(sp?) stealing or plageurisme and he also says to give credit to the artist, but whatever thats my opinion.

this is crap and it should be blammed

you shouldnt be putting shit like this on ng cause some ppl will try that crap and get shit for it i hope this gets blammed and ng never lets you send anything like that ever again, anyways you shouldnt steal anything from anywhere

I've got some better advice...

U don't need html to get an image that's protected. Just select it by dragging your moust over till it's selected and hit ctrl-C. Copys it and now u can paste it in anything your heart desires.

userK responds:

that doesn't work for flash. but you didn't look at the whole thing did you.

Piece of SHit!!!

i would've given this a zero if i hadn't learned something.

userK responds:

if its 0 it's a piece of shit. and sine you didn't give me 0, since you learned something, it isn't a piece of shit. so you HAVEN'T LEARNED the most important lesson in life...honesty is the best policy!

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