Retarded Animal Babies 3

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Still plenty of Retarded Crud at http://www.cafepress.com
/animalbabies !! Here's what the critics had to say about Retarded Animal Babies parts 1 and 2!

"u suk lol" --Roger Ebert

"omg ur a fag how much mescaline r u on dude!!!" --Rolling Stone

"i have a bigger virgin of this on outwar.com" --L.A. Times

"lick mah balls" --Variety

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"AnD sAtAn"
-weird donkey thing, 2003

haha great description!


And once again another classic of a film this was a great series of animation the voices alone are pretty impressive love the use of color here aswell and you have done great with the humor and all the jokes and such, so nice job on this one, very entertaining.

I know I have said this before but that play button needs to be bigger and more clickble.


Cowabunga, dead dudes