Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 3"

You Know IED ( Improvised Explosive Desease ) i made something new ( I Eat Deseases ) Tee Hee

It is indeed broken.

i loaded this page in IE and firefox, both have problem with flexing graphics, like the pelican wings and the jumblies on the pingpong players.

i loaded an ancient copy of the flash file i saved away in 2007 and it work on Firefox and IE with no strange problems on the jumblies or pelican wings and also does not hang when Puppy goes into rage mode.

I'll join the rumble abou broken part. grrr...

Hillarious. But where did you get that paragraph from when you click on Splurt 3? Also, it gets stuck after pico pops up...

It was good up until puppy starts flipping out.