Brainsplatters 2

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Finally Its done! My biggest game project ever has been released, this thing has taken over 4 months with breaks and pauses and this is the resaults.

The reson i didnt submit brainsplatters 1 to newgrounds is that i found it too crappy, don't worry you're not missing anything, this is not a continue from the 1st game or anything.

Many people seemed to like the 1st one and they challenged me to make another one. And so i did. :)

If you lag, or if the game is running slow, right click and change the quality to low/medium.

If you get stuck, try to look carefully for items and things, you CAN finish it. There are also some instructions on the menu of the game.

:::::13/5 03 UPDATE::::: I changed the opening credits and the ending credits a bit, also the main menu. I also slowed down the reaction time in the beginning cuz that was cousing troubles for many people, and i put save points as well. :D Now everyone can enjoy it!

Later. ~ RingFinger ~

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i did enjoy the game but becuase im not so good at qte i tend to fail this and so i have to try again, also there is a brainsplatters 1?

I used to play this stick figure flash cinematic game when I was 11 years old. It brings me nostalgia of going back to play this game. I still enjoy it how you've inspired the game as an interactive movie.

The music you've added fitted good at that time. Now I don't want to listen to those video game songs anymore. xD

I hope you have an upcoming project you're working on it personally, Ringfinger.
In my opinion, making another flash Brainsplatters game seems ridiculous at today now. Unless if there's a new story to tell and add some relatable characters. It is time-consuming.

Have a nice life.

Ringfinger responds:

I had a plan of making another game a few years back but the truth of the matter is, I'm almost at 30 years of age and don't have the time or the ambition that I had back when I was 14-15 years old, making an animation, especially an interactive one is way to time consuming, it's really a sad thing, I wish I could still do this.

I was pretty impressed by how this game looked. My only complaint was that it was too hard! I was amazed at how fast I had to click everything. I rarely see something that goes this fast. It was fun to at least get some victories. I can still appreciate how elaborate it was.

It's just not one of my favorite things from you. The sounds were great. They were quite realistic. I'm sure no real stick figures were harmed in the making of this. It was set up pretty well.

takes me way back. i loved this game when i was a kid

glad to see you're still here

Great Game Overall

I liked the game. There's no better combination than violence and stick figures. My only complaint with the game was that it wasn't about "fast reflexes". You had to keep playing the same part over and over to memorize where to position your mouse and at what point to click. I died so many times because my guy wasn't ready to shoot yet. Overall, fabulous. Needs more of a climatic ending.