Ultimate Skater-The Game

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Ok, This is the game of the Ultimate skater movie, if you havnt seen it check it out, Anyway, Read This Before you play. 1st, I Know there is a glitch in the game, When you scroll the background all the way it can disappear so please dont go past the road closed sign. And when you grind on something please ollie first then hold down the down button and push left or right, I put a scoring system in to so you can score and remember this is the first skateboarding game that has the grind feature, made by flash, Oh, yeah remeber a=ollie, s=kickflip, d=pop shove-it, f=impossible, and holding down=grind(after you olie by what you grind. And Dont cross the ROAD CLOSED sign.
well whoo hoo I thought this game was gonna be good, anyway, I changed the part about you getting more points when you just hold down in a grind. And I put in a board slide, push up when you ollie and you'll do it, also I changed that enoyong sound whn you grind.

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This game is not good at all, needed a thousand times more work, I just love how you can skate into a white canvas oblivion!


I like the grinds.

Just make the level longer, add more tricks.

Check out my skating game! Bye.


this kinda sucks...
you can skate out of the level, the music is a fragment of 2 seconds looping (drives me CRAZY)
and it's just not right for a skating game... rooftop skater is more like it, study that well, young padawan!

The-Mercenary responds:

if I wanted to I could make a skating game that could rape rooftop skater. But I'll stick to action games for now. Though you never know, I might make a skating game later.

yeah it's good

the graphics need alot of improvement, there needs to be a few more tricks like manual and nose manual some more levels, if you do that the game will be perfect.

The-Mercenary responds:

its not good, its pure shit

at least is good!

Poor graphics, and the impossible is when you go to the right; when you go to the left it's a front foot impossible, but good idea.Try to improve the graphics and more tricks, like manual :)

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2.56 / 5.00

May 5, 2003
9:50 PM EDT
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