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G.I. Joe - The Other Half

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Well, this is something I threw together after getting a little burnt out on Super Console Wars 3. Just needed something different to animate for a while. I did this pretty fast (at least for me). BTW, if you have any 3-D glasses lying around, put them on after the ending credits.

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its true

comi basterds

now that's a satire

For some reason, he reminded me of Captain Murphy of sealab 2021, which of course was a parody of sealab 2020. I can just as well imagine a cast of a show that shares a similar relation to the original GI Joe as sealab 2021's relation to 2020's, of which this guy is a member. Go Joes! Or something.


Hilarious! loved it

The end...

Was soooooo funny, man! Best G.I. Joe flash hands down


there are only some people of newgrounds that post good and funny vids on this category and you are 1 of them :D
(and there are alot of those sick idiots)