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This episode of Tony Kaufman is about "Fear As a Means of Control"

(this is the second, shorter segment of the episode.. it won't make much sense if you don't watch the beginning first)
(the first segment is here)
udio quality had to be turned waaaaay down to fit 5 meg limitations

It comments about world politics and the school system's reaction "safety issues." It speaks against absurd beauracracy.

it was written before the president decided to bomb iraq.

please actually view this before voting on it... (i spent a long time on this a feel that the message is important)


Just like the first part.....only better:)

Great vid, keep it up:)

... Im sorry For the review im about to write

Ok This Wasnt that well done, although i belive the asshole who reviewed this before me with the phone connection has no right to review somehting he didnt watch cause he cant afford faster internet service. Now about your Work. Nice length although i found myself yawning through out it. Make some more I myself have never made a flash Butyour artwork Is very nice all you need now Is A great stroy to match It. The soud was pretty nice, With it not being one voice and all. And in the class room with the t.v. thing you shoulda turned the class noise down a little it kinda blocked out wha the people were saying. But overall I give it A six. Nice peice of work. Keep Trying.

too friggin boring man

the beginning is stupid, i got so bored i Xed out the window, gzs it was boring


it was alright, u gettin betta


Finally, someone speaks out about ID's. Personally, I think ID's are so freaking retarded, not only that, but if you forget to bring it just one day at my school, you get suspended for 2 days! Yeah I know, it's retarded. Well good movie, Payce.

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May 4, 2003
12:22 PM EDT