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Wonderlick: Episode 2

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Author Comments

The second Wonderlick episode: Wonderlick's falling in love...

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didn't expect the feet part to end up like it did..., well done..., still, the graphics could be better, but im still hooked to the story now..., im gonna watch no. 3 now!

((( COOL )))

Hey that was cool, nice drawings of the character and others, the introduction was a nice touch, as for the episode, notbad, makes me want to check out episode 1, nice job, hope to see more soon...


Definitely better than #1 or #4

I actually quite enjoyed watching that movie.

I liked the wierd take on the legs, as well as the funky creatures in the background.

It seemed a bit short, but it was certainly entertaining whilst it lasted.

My biggest complaint is the sound - the short loop got really irritating by the end. Maybe you should have some proper bg music, or maybe just not bother with sound?


This video is pretty cute, but it's a little boring. It didn't make me laugh, but it made me smile. -Heav


This shit gets crazier, and crazier!
Love it! Just love it!!