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5 Messed Up Situations 2

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Used different music, have your sound on so you can hear it. There's voices and the animation is a bit better (not really). Just like the other one I made.

If you think this sucks just watch out for my skateboarding movie coming out. It will be a lot better because I'm going to try harder.

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Blam this.

I only watched 10 seconds of this and I know for a fact it sucks. Try harder next time.

Hmmmm..... Ok

Well 1 things for sure... you really shouldn't use the same sound effect over and over cause it gets really annoying. It wasn't as funny as the other one, and you put more effort into ur sigs than ur actual work.


Not as good as the other one

not evan close it was not the worste but you need to do alot beeter on the neaxt one but i liked the music more this time.

first was better

*sigh* Where to begin? 1)Should have kept metallica, 2)No more voices, the camp voices freaked me out, and 3)Need funnier materials, I mean "Being hit by a snowball"? Well, since
I'M not a flash creator, and I HATE critics *cough*, I'll give you a four. Keep tryin' though, I'm sure you'll get it.

That was awesome

You have raised the bar, my friend! ^_^

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2.68 / 5.00

May 3, 2003
2:01 AM EDT