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TRG/MegamanEXECrossover 2

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Author Comments

You asked for it, you got it! This one takes place more in the Net (or rather Netopia), has Bass/Forte.EXE in it, and even my first pathetic little attempt at a minigame! It's nothing much, just a little test of how fast you can click and how good is your memory. I know shit about ActionScrpit, however, so I made it the only way I knew how. The sound might be off in some cases. It happens in all my Flash movies, so for that, I apologize. I don't wanna hear that the buttons in the minigame are coming in too fast or the game itself is too easy, fellas. Remember, this is my FIRST.

Oh, and for the Inu-Yasha uneducated, whenever someone ays "Sit" in his prescence, the necklace he's wearing thrusts him down to the ground. You'll need to know this in order to get one of the scenes.

I hope you like it! Lemme know how the minigame portion of the movie was! I warn you now the game is HARD! HARD, HARD, HARD, HARD, HARD, HARD, HARD!!!!!

Don't say I didn't warn you...


Now there are scene skip buttons in the movie so people that have seen it already wanna shoot straight to the game can, plus I fixed the sound in the game for what it's worth and added a little after effect image when Forte arrives.

What? Thought I was gonna make the game easier? Yer lucky I didn't make it HARDER, mwahahahahah! Forte buttons for all of youse!!!

Nah, just kidding...

For all the whiney bitches out there, now there is an option to see the rest of the movie should you lose in the game. Maybe THAT'LL shut you up.

Alan Solivan
Original Manga Author, "The Rogue's Gallery"

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Lol with the catgirl thing and also the NEVER MIND... part at the end.

Tell me

For the mini-game, when that picture of bass comes up, are you NOT suppose to click it? Because when I did, I died.


but i aspected more


I through that Inu Yasha was pushed down only when Kagome says "sit", and only Kagome...

Other that that, nice one, but the minigame was kinda bad...