BreakBones_Kill Bin Ladem

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Ok, this is your mission, you are a strength boxer who have the mission of kill a terrorist most famous called Osama Bin Ladem, only click on the head of Bin Ladem to Kick him...
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needs blood faster punches and weapons better picture music and the whole nine yards but you tried .....like crap.

Total Crap

This is not good at all, first the graphics suck, the picture of Osama is horrible, no damage is shown to his face and the sound is terrible. The controls are weak and the overall experience was a waste of my life. The best part of the game was when it ended


as far as games go this was pretty shit, i guess its only here due to its topic, well um yeah the punches where to slow, what are they gonna do? i don't think the would have hurt a fly!


Try again. Add effects, counterattacks, real attacks, health, just about everything. The only thing you have is the background, the image of bin Laden and the gloves. You need more images of Osama when he is damaged, and he needs counterattacks. Just clicking on his face x times and watching x 'animations' isn´t a game, it´s a mix between a movie and an animated GIF. If you want to make a game, then make it a game. If you want to make a movie, then make it longer.

Not good. Boring

Ya click and osama gets killed eventually. Weeee...

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2.01 / 5.00

May 2, 2003
11:48 AM EDT
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