Klingon Recruit Video 1

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I made this for the Klingon Ship IKV T'MAR in Tacoma, WA, for the conventions they go to. I re-did it slightly to accomodate this server. It is best to view this with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. For some reason, unless the video is "just so", the sound may not match the picture. It is still good, regardless, though....

Music is from the opening soundtrack to the PC game: KLINGON ACADEMY.

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I am REALLY PLEASED with this. It does need some fine tuning, and it could use some more information, but in all you were dead on with the direction of your video. I would love to see a more advanced, and possibly longer version of this.

For the record, ignore the idiots in the posts here. Some of them have no idea what they are talking about. Quapla'!!!




STAR TREK causes homosexuality!!!!!!!!

Qapla! (Or something like that)

I was quite disturbed by your note to the last reviewer, I found the film not that bad. Although It was fascinating to see a Klingon Captialship blast a freighter (is it?) in the beginning and the text “HONOR” appears =D.
Watching a uncloaked Warbird being attacked by three, oddly bad shooting, VorCha class starship followed by several Birds Of Pray (is it?) and the word “GLORY” appears =D.
But the best part must be the 8472 bioships (two shots and a Borg Cube is by-by) chased by equal number of D7 (lets see they should be a 100 years old or something) shooting while (what it looks like, that is) in warp.
Fascinating... Guessed I didn’t know Star Trek after all.

Koradan responds:

Hmmm. Someone knows their trek ships!! hehehehe. Now, you know the details of those ships, but the majority of the others out there don't.... well.... they do now....hehehe. I just needed ships that fit the scenes, and get the adrenaline running. Each of those did the trick; this video is used at Cons here in the Seattle area by the IKV T'MAR, with success. Since the only thing I have is Swish, I am limited by what I can use. It did the trick!! Thanks for the comments!!


u like star trek dont u?

Koradan responds:

No, I like KLINGONS!!! Big difference. Klingons are the Bikers of the Universe. I am finding myself swaying towards the STAR WARS, catagory, EXCEPT FOR THE KLINGONS!! They are the ultimate Party Animals!!

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Apr 30, 2003
5:12 PM EDT
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