dont watch test for schol

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Gotta work on those sticks

This is a good flash... except for the fact that they dissappeared when they died, the main dude knew too much of what he was doing, and very rough. The backround was good, but you need to try harder. At least finish it. If you keep trying, you could do better.


That was prettt good, but next time, add more sound, and maybe some background music.

I lika da stick men

Stick men is da shizney They fun they popular dey cool get rid of the sound it'd be cool

((( OK )))

Well it may be a test, and just a thaught did you take out the original movie, cause this one is about some battle, but anyways on the full ver, add a play button do it doesnt loop, and the backrounds look nice, and there is sound so its all good with me...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: A battle of sticks...


A school project?

Are you seriously turning in to your school a flash animation with guns, missiles, and the word "fucker" in it? Anyways, it was pretty good, but I didn't like the way it just ended.

DJdeadlymister responds:

**************OK EVERYBODY**************
Ok everybody this movie is not done yet, so dont fuckin ridicule me for somthing i obviously put on for a a test to show my hippy art teacher.

Also i so blatently stated in my title that this was not to watch!!!!!!! but to my viewers who gave me a good rating I apologize for this but people should stop being so stupid, i accpet that this movie sucks now but it is still in the making.

I have a process where i add no sound or anything thing. Ihave other people who are going to do this for me.

All the backgrounds are only temp until my background artist is bacl from vacation.

I hope you all will like my finished movie "which will be done in 2 weeks form today".

"DjDeaDly Mister"

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2.35 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2003
7:11 AM EDT
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