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tee hee !

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Now this was abstract. Certainly a unique style of animation used in this too, simple and contrastic colors with silluettelike graphics, I love it. Masterpiece.



In every new medium of communication, there are always those who attempt to re-create the celebrated articles and specimens of another, similar method. These re-creations are usually mediocre, for they don't appreciate the unique, exclusive applications of the new medium, and usually bump into the limiting aspects of it instead.

However, when an author realizes the power the medium can hold - what that medium can do that no other can - they have mastered the medium. This submission displays that mastery.

Great stuff

The ending was freakin' disturbing... I like it! :P

Uhhhh... W.T.F.?!

I normally get the message behind your films... but this escapes me. At first i thought it was a message about the evils of Capatalism, but that doesn't seem to be your style, and then at the end? Hell?

really, i have no fucking idea what this is. Are you still around? your site is gone, and if this is a segment from a larger piece, i'd love to see it.

My god,

Wow man you kick ass. WTF, this is to good. Large file though. Ha cool.