Resident Evil 2k3

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In another mansion, 4 years after the Spencer incident Jill stumbles upon another Umbrella Facility and gets knocked off a cliff by a monster. She must now Fend for herself to escape.
Guest starring Nemesis with the G-Virus!

Sorry about the size, its as small as i could keep it!

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nice man i really love it good job


I thought the scene when he took on the zombies on the bridge were terrific full of violence great animation and good sound effects. Your character designs were probably the highlight for me i thought they looked really good, the faces especially. Overall a good effort.

hahaha wtf?

lol i must have wtf'd about 20 times watching this movie. not in a bad way, it was pretty good overall, the story was just a little um... hilarious. haha i loved it now im gonna go watch the other one

to the dumbass that replyed before me

in the games if anyone ges bitten who isent a main charicter dies only the main charicters alone are imune to it you have oviulsey not play resident evil1 2 3 CVX gaiden survivor the only exception is outbreak #1 and #2 now go play some hardcore tellitubies before i get mad
to the artist
great movie
grapchis:ok but im giving you a ten on everything thanks to mister idoit it was a good movie
back to the dumbass
they dont d-i-e they become the undead or on rare occasions turn into tyrants goodnight (i hope tellitubbies gives you nightmares)


Holy shit!!!! No, seriously, is a terrible shit. I have a question: Have you ever played a RE game or not? Because the only parts related to the game are the characters (Jill and Chris, RE 1) and the final decision (RE3: Nemesis). Now listen, when a zombie bite someone, in this case Chris, they DIE. D-I-E. An abuse to RE evil fans

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3.41 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2003
3:09 PM EDT