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Hamlet, Act 1 Scene 4

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I made this for a presentation in my English class. It doesn't exactly follow the usual Newgrounds repertoire because there are no stick deaths or DBZ characters, but a little different from what were all use to.

*Click the castle to make King Hamlet's ghost appear.
“I say, away! Go on; I’ll follow thee.” (Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 4, Line 86)

This quotation captures the essence of the scene I chose, which is when King Hamlet’s ghost beckons Prince Hamlet to follow him. Prince Hamlet chooses to follow the ghost, possibly for many reasons. Because of this decision, Prince Hamlet acquires knowledge of his father’s murder, and now must avenge his father’s death. This scene is the beginning of Hamlet’s journey down a progressively darker path in life, symbolized by many aspects in my animation.

Some literal aspects of my interpretation include:
-The King is in human form, dressed in armor such as described in the play. He is standing at the end of the platform of the castle calling to Hamlet.

-In this scene, the ghost only appears at midnight. It is dark out.

-Hamlet is following the ghost.

-This event takes place on the platform of the castle, indicated by the towers present in the picture.

Some symbolic aspects of my interpretation include:
-The moon is replaced by the face of Ophelia.
Ophelia acts as Hamlet’s moon. She appears to be absent in the day, but will always be the light in the darkness of Hamlet’s world. Though Hamlet often ignores this, on account of his ‘madness’ he acts to push her aside to pursue his father’s quest. This is represented by the hand of Hamlet going in the direction of the ghost, away from Ophelia.

-Hamlet’s hand is red
I chose to make the hand of Hamlet red because the color red can signify love, as well vengeance. Red is a symbol of Hamlet’s love for his family, specifically, his father. Red is also the color of blood, symbolizing the vengeance and retribution Hamlet seeks against his uncle for murdering his father.

-Missing window in tower
There is one small window missing in the tower. This missing window symbolizes a flaw in Hamlet’s character. Hamlet spends his life trying to fill this flaw, which eventually leads to his death.

-Ghost is standing at the foot of a dark path
The path on which the ghost is standing on represents Hamlet’s life. The ghost leads Hamlet to ‘the path of revenge’. Because of the ghost’s visit, Hamlet now has a mission to fulfil, which involves murder. The path progressively gets darker as Hamlet’s situation progressively gets worse. Inevitably leading to black, or death.

-The Stars
The stars in the sky represent the mystery and wonder in Hamlet’s life. Like the universe, Hamlet’s internal struggles are infinite and complex.

-The King’s eyes
The King’s eyes are empty to show blindness. In the time this play was written, ghosts were believed to be spirits with unfinished affairs on Earth. The empty eyes on the King symbolizes how the King can not find his way in the afterlife, therefore, approaching Hamlet to help guide him. Not until justice has been served for his murder, will the King see his way to peace in the afterlife.

-Hamlet’s hand
Hamlet’s hand is pointed in the direction of the ghost as Hamlet walks towards the spirit. This symbolizes both Hamlet’s loyalty to his father’s last wish, as well, Hamlet’s desire to see his father one last time. Possibly to say goodbye.

-Glowing aurora
The glowing aura around the King’s ghost represents death. The glow swells in and out and grows, like a tumor in Hamlet.



What the heck was that???

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I'm not exactaly sure what i was supposed to do. I clicked the castle and the ghost King appeared. Was that it? If so here are my suggestions:

-Have the spoken dialoge between Hamlet and his father. You don't need to animate any further except maybe mouth movement.

-Change the color of Hamlets hand, it doesn't fit the animation.


i just wanted to raise your relevane points


Ive never seen Hamlet, and thanks to you i never will. But the Graphics was ok, so i give you a 2.

((( KINDA NEAT )))

Hey that was kinda neat, kinda slow but still neat, i like art kinda had alot of good shadowing and almost 3d like views, so notbad at all...



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Apr 28, 2003
1:21 AM EDT
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