Quit Bustin My Balls

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Well its an epic story with a great score - thats all you gotta know.



You know what buy a Wacom Tablet or something and read some tutorials they really helped me when I was first starting.... :D

your fucking crafty...

how the hell do you get passed geting blamed your fucking crafty...

u must have alot of friends you prick...

Ratso responds:

actually i have no freinds

not great

the music was awesome, but this movie was really random and pointless..... and i'm not going to make personal attacks on you like some other reviewers did, that was just being rude.

god your horrible

i seriously think my piece of crap flash managed to be better than what i've seen you make, thus stop saying other peoples flashes aren't good you dumb dumb little boy, especially knox's, his are funny, yours are not, stop trying.

HAHAHAHA I make flash

So therefore, I can justly say how bad your movie was. And it was bad. Believe me, if you think Micheal Jackson redifined bad, then you should see this move, for some Earth-shattering badness. What the Hell were you thinking?

Ratso responds:

yeh man this movie duz rox thanks for your review on how my movies roxz

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Credits & Info

2.34 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2003
4:58 PM EDT
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