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MB vs The Tequila Gundam

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Well the time has arrived a hand drawn film could it be! Yes it is!

The follow is based on true events, but not really at all because I changed things insanely and in real life my coat isnt nearly as fancy.

its amazing how awkward a simple balloon can make a situation. a simple experiment in modern sociology.

Also for no reason but my own amusement the other person in this experiment has been turned into the Tequila Gundam of Neo Mexico, Why you might ask? Because G Gundam was on and it happened to be the first thing I saw. So the Tequila Gundam appears in typical SD Form.

I've been wanting to do a hand drawn film for awhile but I never really could because my mouse really sucks. Then one day the computers at school had flash installed so I started drawing random crap and sending it to myself, whatever was usable I assembled into a film.

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We don't use mostaches and we don't use that kind of hats. They were used in 1900 by mexican farmers.


You think that's wierd I once dreamed of three evil monkeys dressed to kill stolen my into the santity of my soul and slowly devouring it as I scream in agony but the gods steal it just as it was about to die and the gods quered over the property of my soul but causing all of there deaths and all souls but me the only soul left and I inhabited the entity of a deceased god and reacreated humanity but with lesser knowledge leading up to today. That's how my freakin dream went. nice flash if you make another it's going to be a 50-50. In my opinion.

Soy Sauce might get me...

Why was the Tequila Gundam so small? Aren't the Gundams supposed to be 60 feet tall????


It was creative. The "Tequila" Gundam is a hell of a lot better than the one Neo Mexico had in the series. Ever thought of doing something with Domon?

i am a balloon!

that was pretty good, MB's awsomew. the stupid thing was, why a balloon?

P.S.: i act like MB!