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Immortal Warrior

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OMG!!!! I finally finished my first flash animation! This thing has taken me forever to make. The reason is, is because I decided, (after seeing how bad everyones first flash was) that my first flash would also be one of my best ever. A flash that I myself wouldnt be able to top for a long while. So I went to work and decided to make a music video from the DDR song 'Butterfly' about a samurai fighting a bunch of random people with guns in a huge battle. It is a very big file mostly because its mainly key animation and has 0 animation tweens (except for one small part around the middle). I dont know if that has anything to do with file size, if it doesnt than forgive me for my ignorance. I reduced the sound, only so much. If I were to reduce it anymore it would make your ears bleed -_-. Anyway, I'm sorry its so big, and I hope you enjoy it!


Wow. I got daily feature. Thats alot more than I expected ^^. It seems the thing that bugged people the most was the music. Damn.... but I like that song... cant be helped at this point anyway... And as for story, this samurai guy was minding his own buisness when a whole buncha guys (and a sniper that didnt know what was going on till the last minute)tried to shoot him for being cool, and so he killed them. There thats the damn story (dont see why i need one... Xiao Xiao didnt have much of a story...)

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for your first anim, this is fantastic. better than I could do...
And I like the song too

Daily Feature?!

Aww, dude, you still have Weekly 3rd Place, but I think you lost your DF award somehow. What matters is that you at least still have recognition for making something so great. It helps that the song is so great, any story that goes with it works. I would not compare this to something like Xiao Xiao as it is not a stick flash. You worked hard to put real depth into the animation and the action. I love how the red blood occasionally shows up against the black and white, kind of like in the Madness series.


i can digg diz one

frikin awsom

dude u r awsome i know what its like o make the video go with the music andhow hard it is any1 who says it sucked id like to see them do better! mayby som day ull work for me keep making vids and ull probobly get a chance im looking for top animators


I didn't like it. The song was annoying too. It was pretty good for first and there were some good parts, but only a few. Have seen better.