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The Worst Flash Ever ep.3

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ladies and gentlemen, bustaplate proudly presents the 3rd episode of the epic WORST FLASH MOVIE EVER series. this umm. errhh. is the 3rd episode. yea. ok. im going to stop typing. starting now. NOW!


this is too funny

i have to say, i watched this flash again to see the Anthony Robbins part, saying senseless crap, and hunky hunkette.

Holy Hell! this is absolutely brilliant!

Wow, I'd say you really did earn your petals with this one. there is not one thing in this flash that is anything but blazingly funny. In fact, it makes me wanna learn to make flash myself. Someday. Anyway, the sound is incredibly clean, and i'm amazed that the flash loads so quickly considering. I wish i remembered who played that song, i'm too lazy to google it, but it made everything that much funnier. not to mention that I can't remember who the fuck that old guy is or whether he's even a celebrity, but ignorance is bliss. It doesn't matter and it doesn't take anything away by not knowing. Going into details is pointless, so I will say that the music, the writing, the images and the way they moved, the girl scout badges, the timing and of course tony robbins came together in such a way as to create 2 mins and change of pure comedy gold. And thanks for reminding me of how much that two-bit mystic sounds like a provocative Dr. Phil. What a dolt. Now I'm gonna go join the army and sell the most cookies, dammit! Why? I really can't remember.

BustaPlate responds:

Thanks for the great review. New episodes have begun, check out episode 4!


BustaPlate you r the man all 3 of these episodes rule i'm love with them! are you gonna make any more? you r now going to my fav aurther!1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st


everything wuz great
i think i just hit puberty
and im 18 years old
wats this hair groing for
o shit....
see this is what i get for putting my funny crap on other things, somthing!
(but i dont know what it is..yet)


You're absolutely right this is the worst flash ever....

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2.13 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2003
11:47 PM EDT
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