Fling Fling episode 2

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whup newgrounds.

I did a lot of cell animation for this episode and the file size got a little big -- my apologies :-[ but! it makes me laugh and laugh.

We are playing the Cafe Paradiso in Eugene OR next tuesday for yous who are around.

Also keep a eye out for naked tricky? :-O

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Wow, what a great bizzare stuff! Much better than many movies homemade these days!

This was quite the eventful movie and really did please me seeing how lengthy this was and yet still managed to keep me interested throughout the entire movie and kept a fresh sort of feeling. The voice acting was hilarious and made me crack up because it went along so nicely in sync with the flash animation. The quality, by the way, was really outstanding and seeing this with such a high score is not really a surprise seeing the really well put together comedic plot and animation and effort you put into this. Glad to see the pace of timing so long, I wish you made this into a longer series. The sound effects were also mastered quite well.

Certain scenes were sort of dragged out longer than necessary and I didn't find to be all the funny, and since the whole movie is all the same sort of style humor it's only up certain people's alley. While it does excel in every way for people that find great taste in this sort of humor it's probably a shame or a bore for people that don't really find interest or lack taste in your sort of comedic humor. Sometimes the music would kind of over blast over the voices and make it hard to hear the people talking.

A great flash that truly deserves it's unusually yet worthy high score, the animation and everything is just so well put together, it's just not certain people's cup of tea and the music kind of overtakes the voice acting at certain parts making it hard to hear. I wish this was made into a long series, awesome job man!


We can make it, man! I'm pushin' these buttons!

When I was scanning over the flash page I totally did a double take when I saw this. This animation was one of my favorite inside jokes with my roommate back in 2003, and I still quote it to this day. Epic, epic classic. How did this get in the top 50 in 2011, I wonder?

Blast from the Past

How does one review a flash that is eight years old? You can't compare it to flash made today, given changes in the tools available. And what's the point in recommending improvements to skills and techniques? Content is timeless, so I'll go for content.

This is wonderful abstract, dadaist humor. None of it makes any sense whatsoever, and it is delicious eye candy. If there is one thing that really detracts, it's the poor sound quality.

Seeing this ranked so high in 2011 made me go back and realize what a good years 2003 was for flash animation. I'd suggest to everyone reading this review to go back to that era and look.


It is great to see something old that made it into the flash portal history! This was actually not your first submission so I am not sure why it is described as being your introduction. "The Jimmy Pee Program" was earlier and in my opinion, better. The coolest thing about this was the animation. It was an extremely random cartoon that had the funniest dumb voices to move it along. It is amazing that you managed to get professional work on Conan!

Even better is how you are still making cartoons today! Back to this submission, it was wonderfully drawn and the music was great too. I have no idea what is going on, but I know the goofiness just makes it irrestible! The best part is probably the end with the party. That part really shows how well you can animate and show emotions.

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3.92 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2003
8:11 PM EDT
Comedy - Original
  • Daily Feature April 21, 2003