Final Fighter 1

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OK. you guys didn't like my first try at this, so i brought it back, with sound. The beginning music is really crappy, but it's all i could find. So i added sound, people said that the text went by too fast so i added buttons. I hope you like it this time. if you like it, i'll make a revised version of episode 2.

I realize the music at the beginning is gay. Can someone gimme a place where i could get some gould backround music for the first scene? Once i get a good one, i will update the movie.


hey man not bad

wasnt the best of movies ill admit that but i love limp bizkit and sum 41 so that made it heaps better ;) keep up the good work and improve a little on your animation skills and you could produce some great flash's

not blamed off yet?

y isnt this blamed off yet 2 quote the movie "when do we roll the credits?" i think makin a movie of just credits wouldve been better than this

2 for Effort! Or something...

Limp Bizkit and Summ41 sucks tho, and doesnt go well with a Karate type movie.

it was okay

the first time i watched this, it got stuck at the part right after rei gets thrown off screen. so i watched it again. it wasnt that bad, though your right the music at the beginning was really gay. you should have used motion tweening, it would have looked better. also, it would have looked cooler if u put more motion into the characters, the only thing that moves on them is their arms and thats pretty much it. all the music you had in it made the cartoon take a long time to load, which wasnt really worth it. turn the music on the credits into a 3 second loop instead of the whole song. i liked the part where the guy took out his sword, and rei asking for help in the background was funny too.

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2.64 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2003
5:41 PM EDT
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