TRG: Asking For Trouble

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A little FLASH I made crossing my comic "The Rogue's Gallery" with Jen Irwin's "Ruins of the Fourth Wall". BTW, if you've never heard of....

Little Washu (Tenchi Muyo!)
Kaolla Su (Love Hina)
Edward IV (Cowboy Bebop)

...then odds are you probably won't get the joke. But happy viewing anyway.

PS: If you click the links, they don't work properly. If anyone could hit me up with the proper way to make the websites pop up in seperate windows, I'd REAAAAAAALY appreciate it!

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Noticed something...

You Rock, OMA!!! You even gave the smiley a matching eyepatch!!

And I noticed that the spinning face looks like a cross between Radical Ed's signature "You just got hacked" symbol, and the spinning "Laughing Man" symbol from Ghost in the Shell.

Ahhh~ Anime geekiness at it's finest~

the Big three get hacked!

(spining smiley face)
it was so funny


it was funny because the top three hackers in anime got hacked
so who killed jfk?

funny and somewhat annoying

To me at least, it was somewhat annoying... mostly because it had happen to me on more then one occasion... (revenge will be mine brother!). But that only made it funnier. lol.

Graphics: Pretty good. In my opinion, above average in comparison to all other flashes.
Sound: Good. Personally I think the voices of the characters was not as good. I can still hear what they were say but it was either too low.... or two weak... can't put my finger on it.
Replay value: Still funny enough to see a few more times, I suppose. lol.

Overall: Pretty good. Above average in comparison to others. Voices I think should be worked on a little. Didn't take too much off for it though.

holy shit

that would be funny

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4.06 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2003
2:45 PM EDT
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