A Movie and Some Spam!

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I made this movie because i was bored and eager to make a flash movie. This movie is a solute to Monty Python fans in a way and also a spoof of all the movies that present themselves as silent and black and white. I also noticed the ongoing dilemna between soda and popcorn at the theatre, i think this movie makes it clear the soda is more important. Please give honest suggestions and ideas on this movie and feedback. THANKS!

Arbalest ;)


this is from CANADA 'A'

Stop ruining Mario's image. That goes for all of you other wannabe animators that steal images from games. DRAW your own please. We are seriously waiting for unique characters.


Not Bad! Hey, it had good animation, and it was entertaining! sweet!It was surprisingly cool too! so yes, it was an awsome job! keep it up!

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Monty Python tribute? Umm... ye-eeeahhh right

As a member of a family of Monty Python fans, if you're going to do a Monty Python tribute, you need to do it right. This lousy excuse for flash animation was a poor tribute to it & a disgrace to Python fans every where, you should be ashamed of yourself :oP The Spam Song was cute, but I think you could have done a better film using it. Back to the drawing board & give a tribute that really is worthy of being assosiated w/Monty Python, THEN we'll talk :) PS- You have the tallent to do that, & it shows, it really is worth you trying it again, I'd really look fwd to seeing it, too. Good luck.

Pure Crap

This movie was shit. I agree completely with Lordbenny. There was no point to this movie, no plot, and it was pointless. I seriously doubt that any number of people would watch a movie about soda a popcorn fighting for dominance over the concession. Anyhow, i'm assuming the only reason that you put in the spam sound file was to sway votes in your favor by monty python lovers. The fact that monty python and spam has nothing to do with the ongoing fight of pop against popcorn is that this movie blows harder than a blonde giving a blow job. I gave you a two for the sound because it really did sound like an old movie at the movie theater, however i think the spam sound file at the end was unneeded and stupid, and made the movie's size incredibly, stupidly large. I waiting for about 10 minutes waiting for this "movie" to load and when it was finally done, i was treated to an incredibly pointless movie that made no sense. Thank you for wasting 5 minutes of my life on this stupid sorry excuse for a flash animation.

yesaspoon responds:

Actually giving me a 1 was one of the most immature things you could have done. Animation in those days? have you seen it...it IS choppy, and the movie has a certain element of fun and good. You were overly abusive, and i want to permanently shutup people like you...did i say kill? i meant be friends with. *cough*.

You talentless ripoff.

First of all, your movie was poorly animated, plotless and pointless.

And THEN you put an entire monty python mp3 at the end of the movie.

What a bad use of file size.

I would blam you as an artist from existence, if it didn't defy physics.
You fail.

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2.97 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2003
12:21 PM EDT
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