Pete the Penguin

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Some may find this funny, others will not. This movie didn't take long to make, nor is it very advanced. Plaes visit http://www.bluestone-uk.net




that was more confusing than funny, i dont know if you were trying to do that or not but damn, how did you make cartoons about penguins even stupider than they were.the voice acting was horrible, if you are going to put something on ng, at least make it better than this, and i know you made like 2 years ago, i hope you got better. later

Wow this is almost as gay as that Halo thing!

Guess what, Ive come to the decision that you totally suck balls. Dont make any more videos, please, or i will rip out your intestines and hang you with them from a street light and spew the rest of your organs across the road, where people who drive 18 wheeler Semi's will drive over them, Mean while you manage to stay alive the entire time. Forced to go through the pain, And, i can tell your voice hasnt changed yet. Go through puberty, Good bye
Blast off, its party time and where the Fuck are you?

How disapointing....

Dude no violence at all...when he preesed that button he shuld have landed in a bunch of spikes or be taking to a world where red buttons kill penguins sumthing man....just that was not very good

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Alright, i guess

Nice job on the graphics, but the whole idea was just kinda dumb and boring. Make it longer and put in more stuff like backgrounds.


I like this. Pete looks pretty good, as do the clouds. This should really be a series. Kind of slow, but still pretty good. "Wonder what this button does?" I liked the falling effect, also, the shadows looked realistic. The only thing I would fix is the voice. Sorry if it is yours, but I just do not really care for it.


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2.92 / 5.00

Apr 15, 2003
10:11 AM EDT
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