Stoners Ep. 4

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Just messing, around... I came up with this... calling it the 4th Episode...



nice one

after watching only 4 episodes of this one.... i can sure see why you have the pre-loader saying 'sir smoke a lot'. this series is still quite random, but still very amusing and entertaining.


Dude This Is NOt Funny At All. This Movie Should Not Exist. Why Are You Alive. You Suck! You Suck! YOU SUCK!!!! I Fuckin Het Stoners. You Shits Are So Annoying. God I Hate You


DON'T give this a good rating!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST BECAUSE ITS ABOUT SMOKING WEED DOES NOT MEAN IT'S GOOD. it has crappy animation, its not funny, its pointless, its too short, and it sucks dick. im an experienced stoner, and only immature, annoying, little shits act like these stoners do. this flash makes me very angry because ammature stoners watch this and like it just because its about smoking weed. you need to look past the weed smoking, and see the fact that this is dog shit. my advise to the author: stop making these gay ass movies, they suck.

inmana responds:

My advice to you, asshole, is to stop telling people to give my movies bad ratings. Let them watch it and be the judge of it themselves. Prick.

What a bunch of idiots

All who said that this movie sucks obviously did not listen to the song. I mean that was the funnies shit I have ever heard. Man if I could buy that song I would, or maybe just download it but still damn gooddd. So my fellow stoner I just have to tell you to keep following the religion because it will be a religion in another ten years or so cause, I mean who doesnt wanna get baked. Anyways make more cause this is the shit. GJ man peace be with you, and flower power to you!!!


I could be wrong, which I highly doubt, but Pac-Man was never on Atari. meh. The graphics are really bad, and the synching needs to be worked out. I liked the option of skipping the main titles, because after you see them once, they get long and boring, but the sound overlaps the movie. Maybe you should fix that.


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3.18 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2003
1:11 PM EDT
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