The ball fighters (game)

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The ball fighters was originally a 70k movie I made that got blammed. So I tought to my self, "How can I make it better???" And woalla I made it into a game.

Im sorry about the file size, I don't really know why it got so large. . .




well i'm gonna be blunt with you and if you dont like my review dont bother trying to insult me cause it wont cheive anything.

the game idea has potential but through lack of characters and moves it can get boring fast.

the music gets annoying because it repeats itself over and over. although i do like the happy birthday bit at the end

if this series is gonna go anywhere i dont think that you will be the one to take it there your lack of ideas is one of the reasons.

i will judge it completely on your next installment.

character select
different moves
make the game harder
maybe a design your ball type thing
more bonus stages
movable characters

good luck in the future



just like the choice says, "nothing too new or interesting."

it was a lighthearted little fighting game. twas just okay. not as bad as the guy before had said.


can i ask,what age are you? cos it seems like a two year old came up with the idea of two balls punching each other

Mystic-Pillow responds:

ahh, ain't that cute, the 13 year old gayboy has learned to type.

Flash by ScOtLaNdThEbRaVe:
- none -

I rest my case

Still needs some improvement

First thing, I think that your movie is so big because you didn't compress the music. That's the only reason I can find because the graphics were really simple so it can't be that...
Talking about the graphics, they can be improved a lot. For the Ball, the design was OK, but for the surrounding, a lot of work can be done in my opinion.
For the music, I found it terrible. I had to turn off the sound of my computer because it was giving me an headache. Maybe an option to remove the sound can be a good idea.

Excepted these points, the game was good (but too difficult for me. Maybe it is a bug, I don't know, but I couldn't avoid the second opponent's punches after the first one...).

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cool game

cool game, i think u should be able to change the colour or type of ball. Also the ball u are looks like it was based on samus aran (red suit, visor)
cool neway

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3.08 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2003
11:38 AM EDT
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