Rock, Paper, scissors

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This is the old favorite, rock, paper, scissors. Of course it was never made into a game until I decided to do so. This game was not meant to be challenging, just for couple of minutes of fun. So enjoy.



Winning was quite easy. :P

lol, i found a bug =]

dude when ur in the rock paper sizzor thing, just hold n press space... the ratio of winning:losing:tie is
10:5:7 lol
u will win alot lol


The main thing you need to work on is how you select your move, the way you do it it's far too easy for a tie, a good way would be select your move by clicking with the mouse on it and the enemies move selection would be flicking through. I look forward to more of your work.


What the hell was that? Rock, paper, scissor?

It was so gay that it made Micheal Jackson Look Like Ben Afflect! Try warning us if it sucks really bad so we can just take cover and expect that its gonna be a piece of crap.

Yawn... I'd rather watch a stupid show like Dexters lab instead of playing this game.

Ooh wow im tough... not my fault it sucks bad - thats actually yours.

Rock, Paper, and CRAP

Music is crap, instructions are crap and overall gameplay is crap.

Next time you make something like this, warn the public so they can take cover.

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2.12 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2003
1:37 AM EDT
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