Angry Pong 1.5

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THIS IS NOT A GAME! This is the real game of pong...
UNCENSORED! This is my first flash movie,
and if this movie gets good resonse I shall turn it into a game.



nice but needed more

that was really cute.. i liked your idea but it seems like it needs more.. i would seriously think about making it side to side instead of up and down.. like the old pong game.. :)
if you took the time to add the scream and the pong sounds you should really download some other sound fx, especially the "fatality' from mk.. (i think thats what you ment at least)
its also a teeeeeeny bit slow.. speed it up a bit and it will seem less draggy..
anyways.. good try.. a for effort.... but c for outcome..

annoying as crap

i couldnt get passed the intro...that fucking annoying screeching and it took to damn long.

Siriusoty responds:

Really? That's odd. I'll try and fix it.

I must admit, I laughed...

Graphics could use a little work, but then again it is Pong, so I understand there's little you can really do with it anyway. The animation (speed, etc) could also use a little fine tuning, especially in the first couple of rounds (They go by so quick you almost miss them) but it still works. I kind of saw the end coming, but you caught me off guard with the reference to a certain other video game (which I won't mention as to not spoil the punchline) and I must admit you got a chuckle out of me. You've definitley got potential for humor, so I figured I'd write a review. (BTW, I have to give you a head's up. In your profile I see that Princess Mononoke is listed as your favorite movie, and I just wanted to let you know you spelled it with one too many e's. It is Mononoke, not Mononokee. As an otaku and huge Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli fan I felt a need to let you know.)
-Inner Demons

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Siriusoty responds:

Thanks a lot, like I wrote before, I had two days left on my trial when I started this. When I got the full version, I realized that I had made a complete mess of it, using no tweens, and simple frama by frame animation. I'm currently in the process of re-doing it with improved graphics, movement, and sound. As for Princess Mononoke, thank you. and I'm ashamed I made that mistake.

P.S. I'm glad you got the reference.

ur movie is dumb...

because u said mine is dumb AJAJJAJAJA

Siriusoty responds:

Er, I dont really know what you're talking about...


It could have been a lot better if the graphics were a lot smoother, I know your new to flash but try with what I said. Better luck next time!

Siriusoty responds:

Thanks, unfortunately, i started this flash when I had two days left in my flash trial. I don't have enough money for flash mx, so i didn't have enough time to figure things out. I really liked it and i am looking for an alternitive.

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2.50 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2003
7:58 PM EDT
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