Resident Gigalo

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What happens to the members of S.T.A.R.S. between missions? THIS!

Just use your imagination for what's happening. That's why so little of it was seen. (I really don't feel like drawing cartoon porn, I'm sorry)


w/e dude...

its nice to see jill enter the room and it kinda just play thru a sound clip edit from Resident Evil that I heard like 5 years ago along with a poorly designed door. It's a shame that despite not animating anything else, you could've designed the one background just a 'little' better. And Jill too, but what do I know? I personally don't have experience submitting flash with an old sound clip and miraculously have a 3.34 Score due to a bunch of n00bs voting this thing to be good. All my BLAM bl0ng to this!

Good...but were Rights involved?

It was pretty good and humourous. Using imagination is better than watching hentai! I mean,what sick fuck would want to watch hentai? Maybe the nerds who can't find a girlfriend or get action so they count on cartoons! But, Luke Harris, you could have shown Chris and Rebecca enter the room instead of just showing Jill then stop there...



What the holy hell?


please make it again and draw the action :P


dude, not bad, but why did you stop makeing it heh, it would be funny as hell seeing that, heh. nice job tho dude you out did your self this time, but next time. let us see the action :)

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3.34 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2003
12:53 PM EDT
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