Return of Orayu X Trailer

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Im releasing the New series because i totally screwed up the original Orayu X series when i made the second episode a DBZ clone! Anyway so i skipped the next two episodes dont worry you didnt miss much!

All that happened was X fought some assasins then killed them then fought Devin then sent him back to hell! Not much! But anyway whats really important is that a new series of Orayu X is coming out AND IM EXCITED ABOUT IT HOPE YOU ORAYU FANS ARE TOO!!

So heres the new story!

*The Return of Orayu X*

Anyway after X kills Devin with the Orayu Sword his grandfather contacts him from heaven and tells him that there is more then just a sword, there is also Orayu Armor. So X goes off on a quest and gets the armor! Meanwhile Devin's brother Dameon finds out that his brother has been sent back to hell by X! So Dameon is furious about this so he finds out where X lives and burns his house and destroys his belongings and X hears of this and returns home to fight Dameon! On X's trip he learned many new fighting techniques and has become alot stronger then he was when he fought Devin! But Dameon is alot stronger then his brother so it should be a good fight! This series im hoping will not get screwed up and if it does i will remake it and this series will have more episodes then the original series!

Hope you ENJOY!!!!

Vote and Review PLEASE!!


well just to let you know...

before you mkae your lil' movie here, you first really gotta work on ur graphics and make it more clear. i looked like for the backround all u did was dip your hand in pant and wiped it across the backround.

that was so bad

work on the backround

Hey Spectri!

I remember the Orayu X series, I loved it, I was wondering what happened to you, or if you were going to continue the series! I'm glad to see Orayu is back, looking more badass than before, and Devin's Bro looks sweet, this was a great trailer, and I can't wait for the full thing! Keep up the good work, you're great!


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DAMMIT, I hate you!

Dammit, this was just supposed to be another lame attempt at hyping up the NG viewers with crappy quality and all too short length. But noooooo, you had to go and make it all bad-ass, with the sweet Megaman techno theme and throw in what the story was about and everything. Arg, now because of your cool trailer, I have to go back and check out your other work because I respect a flash artist who actually puts meaning and work into a trailer; it even has a cool story to boot! Damn you for making this so cool; you get all my 5, excellent effort and flow.

A good lookin preview

This is looking like a good series. Really liked the music, too. I hope that this series gets started soon

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Apr 10, 2003
1:38 AM EDT
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