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There was this guy who thought it would be a nice gesture to send rather disturbing hatemail after i trashed one of his movies, i believe it was called "stickman neo" or somthing, its not here anymore, and i did promise him that this movie would be a resultant for his actions.....

You'll have to excuse the buttons, i think i screwed up somewhere. and i dont really care.
take a look, this is a bit different to my earlier crap!
If anyone would like to see what this lad had to say to me just mail me, i'll send you what he said.

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Lucky seven for you!

This was pretty funny! I know people like this and some people even take it one step further. I had a guy IM me one time and I was furious. Anyways, great job with this flash, although you shouldn't have been so mean if he said you have "No talent", even though it's showing pretty clearly that you do.

Now if he had called you a really derogatory name like a ball-blowing, shit eating, fucked up monkey who never should have children, then might I suggest a big 16-ton weight crushing down on his head?

I hate hatemail

People that send hatemail are just plain STUPID.
Anyone that thinks that sending a nasty email to the maker a the "horrible" flash, movie whatever, is going to stop it is surely RETARTED.
I bow down to this flash,but you should've kept going till there was nothing left; and then blow up the ashes that were left!

Sweet Sweet Vengence

Nicely done, well paced and some very amusing images. The sticks worked ok though the sound was nothing special (but it worked fine all the same). In the end a quick little revenge piece, harmless (if mean-spirited) fun.


I liked the preloader. Also, the characters and devices all looked pretty good. Nothing bad to say, really. Keep up the good work.



Short and sweet! I thought it was a blast!!!,
MAKE THE HATEMAILERS PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!heh heh heh
*drooling blood*

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4.00 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2003
5:46 AM EDT
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